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Medical Marijuana – Here is The Best Way to Get Access to Your Strains

Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, Hybrid, Low-THC, High-CBD… There is a wide range of medical marijuana strains which are cultivated in order to respond better to the patient’s needs.

Marijuana strains are cannabis that is grown and harvested to have certain characteristics. Imagine if marijuana were soda, these strains would be the soda’s flavor. Of course, with other differences other than just its taste.

These marijuana strains can have high-THC levels or high-CBD levels, it will all depend on the results wanted by the strain’s cultivator.

For treating insomnia, high-CBN (cannabinol) strains with lower THC levels is better than the other marijuana strains, while high-THC marijuana strains are better for treating depression and chemotherapy side-effects.

If you like getting high while treating your medical condition, you may want to choose a marijuana strain with a good amount of THC content, which is cannabis main compound that gives you the high effects. However, don’t forget to check if high-THC strains are suitable to treat your medical condition.

So, how do you find these marijuana strains? This article will contain all the information about what you need to obtain these marijuana strains.

The City of Philadelphia decriminalized possession of up to 30 grams of marijuana effective October 20, 2014, becoming the largest city in the United States to decriminalize marijuana. This is in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Getting a medical marijuana card:


Before knowing where to find these medical marijuana strains, you must know that you need to obtain a medical marijuana to purchase them.

To help you with that, Veriheal has marijuana doctors operating in 14 U.S. states that will evaluate your medical ailments and check if you are an eligible patient for getting a medical cannabis treatment.

Just appoint your medical consultation, and if you are approved by the marijuana doctor, you will receive a medical marijuana recommendation that will be needed for applying in your state’s program. Find local medical marijuana doctor and get your marijuana license today.

Once you have your recommendation, submit it with your application to your state’s program and wait for your medical cannabis card to arrive at your place.

Having your card in hands, check the next step for knowing how to access these medical marijuana strains.

Here is the best way to get access to your strains:

All medical marijuana programs have licensed medical marijuana dispensaries which are responsible for selling medical cannabis products, including various kinds of marijuana strains.

These medical marijuana dispensaries may either sell other cultivators strains or only their own cannabis strains.

States with a recreational marijuana program have retail shops which are responsible for selling marijuana strains and other products for adult use. In case you live in a state with a recreational cannabis program, you won’t need a medical cannabis card to purchase cannabis strains.

Marijuana strains are often named with crazy names that have nothing to do with their medical cannabis properties. Therefore, it is responsible and wise to take a look at the marijuana strain

characteristics before you purchase it at a medical marijuana dispensary.

OG Kush, Girls Scout Cookies, Blissful Wizard, and other strains names have literally nothing to do with their effects on marijuana users, it is all about marketing and getting their name known.

Harlequin, for example, is a medical cannabis strain that has a 5:2 ratio of CBD to THC. Some of its characteristics are the orange-reddish hairs (the pistils of the cannabis plant), a bunch of white trichomes and crystalline outgrowths where these cannabinoids are produced. This high-CBD strain won’t make you high, but you’ll feel relaxed without wanting to sleep. It also helps in treating pain.
All things considered, you must only visit a medical marijuana dispensary to purchase your medical marijuana strain when you have your medical marijuana card.

Did you already go through the process of getting your card and just wishes to know where to find these marijuana strains? Now you just need to find a medical marijuana dispensary that will sell you these cannabis strains.

With that in mind, Veriheal created “Find a Dispensary” to help you locating a marijuana dispensary that has verified medical marijuana strains and a prepared staff to help you discover the best cannabis strain for your medical condition.

Firstly, you’ll have to type your location or authorize Veriheal to access your current location and then you must click on search so that we can locate the best cannabis dispensaries around you.
We will provide for you these dispensaries’ full address, contact number, social media and a brief summary of the store to help you pick the one that pleased you the most.

The information about the time and the days these marijuana dispensaries are opened are also available on our website.

Both medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries offer a great variety of marijuana strains, and once you choose the dispensary you’d like to visit, make sure to ask for a staff member to help you find the best marijuana strain, and also to explain you any doubts you may have about marijuana strains.

What are you waiting for? Go get your medical marijuana card to start purchasing marijuana strains.

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